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The Clothing Is You

Not only do the sisters bring a creative legacy of fashion design, they also have a family history rooted in textiles — from the farming of cotton to the actual textile designs. As sister Sibel Giftgi states, “The clothing is you.” This is the very foundation of their approach to fashion: It incorporates the environment and the individual as one, each mutually informing the other. Consequently, Resimé Couture uses only organic fabrics that use chemical-free dyes.  Isabelle Fabrics use sustainable fabrics.

Beauty with Purpose

An eye toward responsibility and a desire to give back to the community are core values many successful companies share. One could even argue these are the main reasons for success. As such, Resimé Couture and Isabelle Fabrics donate a percentage of sales to a host of environmental causes, children’s charities, and nonprofits. On example is is the American National Association of Professional Women.